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Author of "Driving Your Entrepreneur Ship"
Author of “Driving Your Entrepreneur Ship”

Edo Branch is a multifaceted individual where her talents ranges from entrepreneurship, information technology (IT), branding and graphics development, visual merchandising, to her pure love for fashion.

Edo received a Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems. As a young child, she always wanted to be a computer programmer, but changed directions to become savvier in Computer Technology. She supported, provided break/fix solutions, network administration, and excellent customer service. While gaining all of her technical experience via education and on the job, she desired more fulfillments and sought after a Masters in Business Administration. Prior to receiving her Masters, all she knew was IT or Technology. With obtaining the Masters Degree, it allowed her to see the business aspect of companies a lot clearer.

Edo desired yet more education, and this time with her last degree, she obtained a Master of Management. Both Master’s degrees were received from Fontbonne University. Edo is equipped. She’s multifaceted, creative, unique, and have a niche for business, and understands how appearance can be everything.

With the appearance, Edo took her love for graphics development, which she designed for close friends, or friends of friends and incorporated it into helping other individuals build a brand for their ‘hatching’ businesses. Helping startups create brands is rewarding for her, as she can see how companies thrive from just a concept.

Not only does she enjoy helping people start and brand their business, she also helps within the community. Edo is one of those hidden treasure that any company would truly value. She spends time within the community. She served as a Mentor for MersGoodwill, and she also served as a Tutor for Mathews Dickey Boys and Girls club. She’s a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated and in May of 2011, Edo was inducted into the National Coalition of 100 Black Women organization, St. Louis Metropolitan Chapter. Within this chapter, she has helped make drastic changes to the image of the local chapter, making it appear more appealing with zest. With her additional degrees she has been able to identify the importance of branding, incorporating and bringing concepts to fruition.

Edo is a chameleon. She’s good at just about everything. Some of her hobbies include, traveling(with Passport in hand she’s looking to travel abroad more), singing, fashion, modeling, photography, cooking, designing and making jewelry, graphics development, helping with company start-ups, and the list goes on, and whatever she see as beauty in another being. Not only does she capture the beauty in people, she also captures the beauty (what looks appealing) in branding for events, companies, and individual projects.

This chameleon of a person has a multitude of hidden talents, and an absolute delight to have on any team. She’s an awesome leader and a great team player, business oriented, techno-savvy, a creative vision-eer and all you can ask for in a “one man band”. Her philosophy, “Beauty lies deeper than the veins in the body; we just have to learn how to uniquely extract them for others to experience and see, not just in the physical beauty, but the beauty in all you do.” – EB